Jungle Ervs Airboat Tours

Jungle Erv’s airboat rides in the Everglades is one of the original Everglades airboat tours in Florida Jungle Erv’s family dates back to the 1800s. The family grave site on the island of Fakahatchee is maintained by the national park. Decades later, Jungle Erv’s Everglades Airboat Tours is still the best way to experience and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Florida Everglades.

When you book an Everglades airboat tour adventure with Jungle Erv’s Airboat Tours, you’re in for a full day of fun with your family and friends. While air boating in Florida with us, you’ll be whisked along the waters of the Everglades, where you can see wildlife you may have never experienced on such a personal level before. From alligators to manatees, native birds and more, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter all kinds of creatures living in the Everglades during your tour.

If you want to experience the Everglades while you form lasting memories with your family and friends, make a reservation for the best airboat tour in the Everglades, FL, with Jungle Erv’s Airboat Tours today. All of our captains are natives of the Florida Everglades, and many of them served in the United States Coast Guard. Safety is always our top priority, and our captains have the training and experience necessary to ensure you and the members of your party remain secure throughout your Everglades tour.