Skunk Ape Headquarters

The legend of the Skunkape goes back 100s of years in the oral history of the indigenous people and the settlers of the Florida Everglades but is it actually legend….In 1997 Dave Shealy captured a photograph of the legendary creature that was echoed throughout media channels around the world.

Featured on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, Animal Planet, The Smithsonian Magazine and many more. The Shealy Family, Skunk Ape Headquarters has served as an Everglades Icon and World Famous roadside attraction for decades.

The exhibit hosts GIANT alligators and one of the largest snakes in captivity in the world (Goldie) the 350lb+ reticulated python. The gift shop offers officially licensed Skunk ape merchandise and a variety of alligator products as well as local native crafts.

Skunk Ape Headquarters is an iconic Everglades attraction and a must!

Open Daily 9:00 am to 5:00 pm