Everglades Fishing Company

Everglades Fishing Company

Custom EFC gear; boots, T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts & more.  Come in.  Hang out.  Play some ping-pong.

Groceries:  Eggs, Milk, Snacks, Beer, Ice, Sodas, Water, Etc!

We have REC-90 (non-ethanol) fuel.

Fresh & healthy eats:  Coming Soon!

Bait & Tackle:  Live bait, lures, line, everything you need to catch a fish.  Our bait is guaranteed to catch fish or die trying!

Looking for a unique tour? Visit our riverfront location adjacent to Everglades Isle under the boathouse just as you enter Everglades City:

We offer boat tours, fishing charters and rentals at this location.

Our mangrove sightseeing boat tour will be departing every two hours, 7 days per week.  We have a a very comfortable lounging area and offer light refreshments for groups who want to hang out while they await their tour.

Our boat tours will offer an opportunity to see much of the Everglades wildlife including manatees, dolphins and plenty of birds. Additional tour times and fishing charters can be booked as well.  For those who want to explore on their own, we are offer rentals including boats, kayaks and paddleboards.