Everglades Old Time Charters

We are a unique company that offers both fishing charters and some of the best sightseeing among the Ten Thousand Islands. Our captains are generational pioneers of the Everglades that would love to give you a historical and memorable boat tour through the exotic Ten Thousand Islands.

Enjoy a Quiet Sunset Cruise in the 10,000 Islands!

Our captains are  4th and 5th generation of the Daniels family which settled in the Fakahatchee Bay area in the late 1800s. Our historical sightseeing tours will take you through the breathtaking Ten Thousand Islands. Stopping at the historical Fakahatchee Island and view a few of the relics left behind from the early settlers.

Also capture the wondrous variety of life among the Everglades including Egrets, Herons, Osprey, Brown Pelicans, Dolphins, and Manatee that call the second largest mangrove forest in the world home.

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