Fishing and boating in the 10,000 Islands is an amazing experience.  Knowing the waters and the tides is an important part of a successful day!   Our waters are very shallow and navigating them can be difficult for first-time visitors and even experienced boaters!

In Everglades National Park Waters you are required to take and pass a Boater Safety Course which is offered online free of charge.  Note that when you leave from Everglades City or Chokoloskee, most of the areas we fish, we are in Everglades National Park.

Visitors and residents must take this class and the Park Rangers are enforcing this mandate by writing tickets.  You can take the course online, allocate about one hour for this process:

To fish in the park, you must have a park pass.  You can purchase short-term passes or annual passes.  If you are over 62 years of age, you can purchase a lifetime pass for a one time fee.  You can purchase the passes at these links:

Park Pass Under 62 Years of Age:

Park Pass Over 62 Years of Age:

Many of our target species have daily bag limits and size limits. Click here for the current saltwater fishing regulations for Florida anglers.

Click here to download the entire saltwater fishing guide book.

What is most important is that you know the rules and have fun!