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Everglades Community Church | Fellowship Hall
MARCH 22nd | 5 to 7 P.M.

We’re fixin’ a mouthwatering meal that combines smoky, tangy, and downright delicious flavors right here at Everglades Community Church! Our BBQ Chicken Dinner is a culinary masterpiece that’ll please your taste buds and comfort your heart.

Our BBQ Chicken Dinner:
Tender, juicy chicken marinated to perfection to make certain every bite is an explosion of flavor.

BBQ Sauce:
Our sauce strikes the ideal balance between sweet, savory, and smoky. It clings to the chicken, creating a heavenly glaze.

Grilled to Perfection:
Chef Cecil grills the chicken just right—barely charred edges, juicy, tender, and with that irresistible grill mark.

Sides That Delight:
Creamy Coleslaw, a refreshing contrast to the chicken’s richness. Baked Beans, hearty, with a hint of sweetness, and a Dessert. Iced tea and hot coffee.

Family-Style Fun:
Gather your loved ones around our table. This dinner is meant for sharing laughter, stories, and good fellowship!

Takeouts available.
Tickets $15 per person on sale now

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