Visit Everglades City and the Ten Thousand Islands of Southwest Florida, the Everglades
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Learn About Everglades City

Step into the captivating past to learn about Everglades City. Imagine a time when this remote town was reachable only by boat, serving as a secret refuge for bandits who thrived amidst its sprawling islands. Here, the very essence of this small town was shaped by the pulse of trade, and remarkably, many of its historical structures remain intact, inviting visitors to explore their stories.

Welcome to Everglades City, nestled in the scenic expanse of the Everglades in southwest Florida. and it’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, where the tranquility and wonder of nature are cherished by residents and visitors alike. As you venture to the numerous national and state parks nearby, you’ll understand why we’re often considered a well-kept secret in the hidden corners of southwest Florida. The abundance of nature, fantastic fishing opportunities, and a wide range of fun activities make this place an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. And guess what? We’re officially recognized as a Florida Trail Town, making us the perfect launchpad for your next adventure.

Enjoy historic Everglades City with its low-traffic roads and beautiful sunsets along the Barron River. Tour the Museum of the Everglades, visit the original Collier County Courthouse, and stop for lunch at one of our many great restaurants. Walk out to the islands of Plantation and Chokoloskee; be sure to stop by the old trading post, now the Smallwood Store & Museum.

Everglades City is the jewel of the Paradise Coast. Plan your visit soon and experience the unique charm of this remarkable Old Florida town.

Learn more before you visit from our local historian Marya Repko at EC Publishing.

Where To Go


Bank of Everglades


Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk


Clyde Butcher Big Cypress Gallery


Everglades City Hall


Everglades Visitors Center


Museum of the Everglades

New Learn

Ochopee Post Office

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