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Easy Read! “The Story of  Everglades City; A History for Younger Readers”

by Marya Repko

While I was writing my “Brief History of the Everglades City Area”, my young neighbor read my typed draft and kept asking what the big words meant. That made me think about writing a version for younger readers in simple language but with some of the same historic photos from the Florida State Archives. As I was doing this, I learned that the average reading age in Florida is at third-grade level so I recommend this version as a quick read for adults who do not need all the footnotes and quotations in the original “Brief History”.  It is also suitable for foreign visitors who might not have a good grasp of written English and was the basis for a Spanish translation (“Historia de Everglades City”).

Copies are for sale at local outlets (Right Choice Supermarket, WinCar, Smallwood Store) and by mail order on my website


Marya Repko grew up in Connecticut but spent most of her adult career as a software engineer in Europe. When she retired in the late 1990s, she decided to return to the United States and lived in the family condo on Sanibel until moving to the more-friendly atmosphere of Everglades City. She has written and published over a dozen little books concentrating on local history.
The Story of Everglades City A History for Young Readers by Marya Repko on Visit Everglades City
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