Visit Everglades City and the Ten Thousand Islands of Southwest Florida, the Everglades

Everglades City & Chokoloskee in SWFL Clear of Red Tide

Everglades City and Chokoloskee in Southwest Florida (SWFL) are free of red tide and there are no restrictions on keeping redfish or snook…so come on down! There has been quite a bit of media attention about Red Tide in SWFL keeping visitors and anglers nervous about visiting the 10,000 Islands. Our motels and marinas are hosting happy anglers each day as our fishing has been fantastic. The map shows the catch and release areas for water quality management…and we are in the clear.

Everglade City and Chokoloskee are havens, unlike many other coastal places. They’re special because they don’t face red tide problems that often bother other areas by the coast. This absence of red tide is a big deal because it keeps the water super clean and healthy. That’s awesome for lots of different people who visit these places—like fishermen, tourists, and families—because it means they can have really great experiences there.

One cool thing about these places is the water. It’s crystal clear and perfect for fishing. Fishermen can catch all sorts of amazing fish while enjoying the stunning views of the Everglades. Families love it here too because they get to explore these untouched lands and make awesome memories surrounded by nature’s peacefulness. Tourists who want a break from crowded places find a haven here for calm adventures and outdoor fun.

The best part is the lack of red tide. It means everyone can enjoy nature without worrying about this natural problem. Everglade City and Chokoloskee become places where everyone can truly soak in the beauty without any concerns. That’s why these places promise unforgettable experiences for anyone who visits.

Overall, these places are like treasures by the coast. They’re special because they’re spared from red tide, keeping the water clean and wonderful. Fishermen, families, and tourists all get to have amazing times here. Whether it’s catching fish, exploring nature, or simply enjoying the calmness, Everglade City and Chokoloskee offer something truly unique for everyone.

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