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Meet-the-Candidates – Standing Room Only

Everglades City

by John Nipper

The anticipation was felt as residents of Everglades City gathered in droves to meet the individuals contending for key leadership positions in their community. The spotlight was on candidates for both the mayoral and city council elections.

Running for Mayor, there was the Incumbent Howell Grimm Jr. a familiar face seeking re-election, bringing experience and a proven track record. Mr. Grimm’s opponent a longtime resident and local businesswoman, Dulce M. Valdés, a new entrant with a fresh perspective, eager to serve as the city’s mayor.

Running for the City Council Positions; Naiara Rementeria Freeman, Steven Lenz, Michael McComas, Parker Oglesby, and Tony Pernas. All of which had great ideas and showed a genuine passion for the people of Everglades City.

The Meet-the-Candidates event was not just a formality; it was a dynamic platform where the community engaged with the candidates. The primary focus was on meeting the candidates, understanding their ideas, and delving into their commitments to the roles they sought.

The buzz of excitement echoed through the halls of the City Hall building, the chosen venue for this civic affair. Standing as a symbol of democratic participation, City Hall provided a central and accessible location for residents to connect with the potential leaders of their community.

As the clock struck the hour, citizens filled the venue, eager to participate in the democratic process and gain insight into the individuals who could shape the city’s future. This gathering wasn’t just a routine meet-and-greet; it was a vital opportunity for the public to get to know the officials aspiring to represent them in city matters. Understanding the candidates’ visions and principles is crucial for an informed electorate, and events like this bridge the gap between citizens and their potential leaders.

Questions presented from the public, fueled by genuine curiosity, were presented to the candidates through a chosen panel. Each contender was allotted equal time to respond, ensuring a fair and balanced exchange of ideas. The standing-room-only crowd spoke volumes about the community’s commitment to being actively involved in the democratic process.

Once the meeting concluded the residents seized the opportunity to question and engage further with the candidates, ensuring they were not merely spectators but active participants in the democratic dialogue. The event stood as a testament to the community’s dedication to understanding and shaping the future of their beloved city. The turnout was not just a numerical feat; it was a display of the vibrant spirit that defines a community invested in its own governance.

Spotlight on Mayoral Candidates

Everglades Ciy Meet the Candidate 2023 - Copyright Mullet Rapper

Howell Grimm

Mayor Howell Grimm: “Meet the Candidates” was great. I would like to reiterate I am all for the community but my main priority is the infrastructure. We need the infrastructure in order to continue to move forward with all the other projects as we have been moving forward with the community center.

Everglades Ciy Meet the Candidate 2023 - Copyright Mullet Rapper

Dulce Valdez

Dulce Valdez “Your engagement, both in-person and on Zoom, shows our community’s dedication to tackling our concerns. This drives my commitment to an open-door policy if I become mayor. I prioritize issues like infrastructure, drainage, and city aesthetics, pledging accountability. Let’s nurture spaces where ideas turn into action. My dedication goes beyond words—I aim for concrete solutions. Retirement allows me the time to serve diligently.”

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