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The Mullet Rapper Grows Up

Everglades City

by Denise Wauters

We are so excited to be at the helm as the Mullet Rapper steps to this next level. Thanks to your local establishments we are now able to offer the Mullet Rapper in this new format, for free, and in color!

We are also expanding the paper to cover our local sister communities so we can all enjoy the happenings in our little corner of paradise. Look for events and stories from Everglades City, Chokoloskee, Plantation, Copeland, Jerome, Goodland, Port of the Islands, Lee Cypress, Big Cypress, and the surrounding 10,000 Islands. If you would be interested in submitting news, events, photos or story ideas in any of these communities please reach out!

The plan is to have annual sponsors to help cover the ever-increasing cost of printing and delivery. By making this change we are able to print more papers, in this larger format, go to full color, and make the paper free. How could we refuse?

Potential advertisers have expressed that they want their ads to have a larger-foot print than we currently have. By going to this larger format we get to increase our reach. Giving the advertisers what they want while keeping the same Mullet Rapper with the same local voice alive. Win for them, win for us, win for you! Local businesses, now you can support your local paper and get the reach you have been needing. Claim your spot ASAP, we currently only have 12 pages.

You don’t know how many times I have been asked “When are you going to increase the cost of the paper?” The paper had been 25¢ for 20+ years. To follow my heart I would rather the paper be free. When looking at the costs of continuing to do the paper at the ever-increasing rate I would have had to increase the price. That was a no-go. When I proposed the sponsorship idea everyone loved it… blew me away! What a wonderful community we live in.

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So with humble, heartfelt gratitude to all of you supporters and readers, we will throw caution to the wind and tear off down this road.

Besides who doesn’t loves free and color!
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