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Summer Time Fishing

by Captain Mike Merritt

When it comes to fishing here in the summer months, the best plan is to get out early and come in early!

I love the early morning bite before it gets too hot. The Snook love to feed early especially on a rising tide. If you can be fishing as the sun comes up at your favorite Snook hole and the tide is rising then you will have some great action. I especially love to throw topwater lures like the Zara Spook over oyster bars where the Snook will lay in ambush on the other side. There is nothing like that explosion on the top water to get your heart rate up!

After the tide gets up a little then I go to the sub surface lures or jigs for the rest of the morning. And of course if you are bait fishing then this will work all the time. I will change up how I hook a bait to get different action from it. This depends on how much current we have or the water depth. But the summer Snook bite always produces some of the biggest Snook of the year!

Summer Time Fishing by Captain Mike Merritt

Redfish are a different story. They are more scarce in the summer and will not be as plentiful until the fall again. That’s not to say you won’t catch any as we have them all year round. It’s just the schools will show back up in fall. But a big Red can be lurking anywhere you Snook fish and will take all the same baits and lures. If I am targeting Reds then a jig is my go to bait. And a scented tail like Gulps are hard to beat. But the DOA Cal tails tipped with shrimp will catch just as many. Rising tides are always best for these guys and the shallower you are the better. Sight fishing the shallows is a fun way to find these fish but being an accurate caster will be required to be successful.

Trout are still around but due to warmer water temps in the summer they are not always easy to find on the flats. The drops and around bars are areas where you will find bigger Trout. But sometimes out in deeper water will produce some great action. Even some near shore wrecks will hold trout in the summer months. I never liked to fish for them in the summer as they tend to be smaller fish and the keepers will have more worms when the water is warmer.

Permit and Cobia are both being caught close to shore right now. Calmer days will make these guys easier to find. You may find small groups or you may get lucky and come across large schools. Either way it is a fun way to spend part of your day. Running in the boat on a hot summer day and seeing fish to cast at makes for a great day! Even going out for some Grouper and Snapper in the deeper water during these low wind days of summer is a great idea. Be prepared to get in early ahead of the rains that are sure to start soon! Enjoy this summer with the family with some great summer fishing! Stay hydrated and bring your rain gear! Enjoy Summer!

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