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Did You Know There’s a Picture Gallery in the Swamp

Big Cypress

by Reverend Dr Bob N. Wallace, Everglades Community Church

It’s Clyde Butcher’s, an internationally recognized American large format camera photographer known for his fascinating black-and-white fine art photography. He has been capturing the untouched beauty of the Everglades for over three decades. His large-format black-and-white photographs uncover the primitive nature of this vast subtropical wilderness. As you view his black-and-white camera artistry you see the untouched beauty of Florida’s natural environments. His work has been compared to that of Ansel Adams, earning him the nickname “the Ansel Adams of Florida.” Initially, he worked with color photography. But after the tragic loss of his son, he transitioned to large-scale black-and-white landscape photography capturing nature’s beauty inviting viewers into a personal communion with the natural world.

Did You Know There’s a Picture Gallery in the Swamp by Reverend Dr Bob N. Wallace, Everglades Community Church from the Mullet Rapper on Visit Everglades City

Butcher’s studio is in the heart of the Big Cypress National Preserve. Located along the scenic Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41) approximately 47 miles east of Naples and 36 miles west of Miami at Mile Marker 54.5 it’s about half a mile east of the Big Cypress National Preserve Oasis Visitor Center. If you’re up for an adventure, it’s surrounded by over a million acres of pristine wilderness. Consider taking a guided eco-swamp tour through the swamps behind his gallery. It’s more than just a walk in the park. It’s an opportunity to engage in the raw, unspoiled landscape that Clyde Butcher so masterfully captures in his art. The gallery highlights his intense black-and-white photographs, which draw out a deep connection to the wilderness.

Additionally, if you’re planning a wilderness vacation, you can reserve a stay at one of Clyde Butcher’s exclusive nature retreats nestled deep in the Florida Everglades. These private accommodations blend natural surroundings with modern features, offering a unique experience right in the heart of this remarkable ecosystem.

Visitors can also experience guided eco-swamp tours through the swamps of Big Cypress National Preserve behind the gallery, immersing themselves in the same landscapes that inspire Butcher’s art. Take a Swamp Tromp in Big Cypress National Preserve for a wet and wild 6.5-mile loop into the watery wilderness of the Big Cypress Swamp, one of 100 best American adventure trips from National Geographic. It provides a challenging wade into beauty where you can expect to encounter unique swamp landscapes and wildlife.

Butcher’s century-old camera has allowed him to document the Everglades in all its untouched splendor. He has created a stunning collection of black-and-white photographs that truly capture the essence of this remarkable wilderness.

If you ever get the chance, visit his gallery, or take a swamp tour. Both would be a memorable adventure! Address: 52388 Tamiami Trail, Ochopee, FL 34112 Phone: (239) 695-2428 Hours: Open 7 days a week from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Did You Know There’s a Picture Gallery in the Swamp by Reverend Dr Bob N. Wallace, Everglades Community Church from the Mullet Rapper on Visit Everglades City

And if you’re in Naples, Florida, don’t miss the chance to explore Clyde Butcher’s America’s Everglades Exhibit at the Naples Botanical Garden Kapnick Hall, 4820 Bayshore Dr, Naples, FL, 34112. Phone: (239) 643-7275.

He also has a gallery known as Clyde Butcher’s Venice Gallery & Studio in Venice, Florida, located at 237 Warfield Ave S, Venice, FL, 34285. Phone: (941) 486-0811.

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