Visit Everglades City and the Ten Thousand Islands of Southwest Florida, the Everglades

February Update from Everglades City Hall

Everglades City

by Michael McComas, Everglades City Council

While the new National Park Service Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Visitors Center is being constructed, the boat tours are being conducted out of Dupont street. Reservations, prices and departure times can be found at

The next city council meeting is 7 PM Tuesday, February 6 at City Hall. At which time the Mayor is scheduled to appoint a replacement to fill the Council seat vacated by Josh Minton. After ratification by City Council this appointment will be in effect until the next election per the recently amended City Charter.

Hope you all enjoy the Everglades Seafood Festival, thank you to the ladies from the Florida Stone Crabbers Association. The roadwork encircling the area is complete, and parking is free-for-all. Navigate accordingly.

Michael McComas Everglades City Council
2024-03-28T18:40:51-04:00February 5, 2024|City Hall|

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