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Update From City Hall May 2024

Everglades City

by Michael McComas
Everglades City Council

At the recent City Council meeting the Mayor announced the news that the wastewater treatment plant was operating normally, ribbon cutting is tentatively planned for June 18 and planning for several projects including the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the community center were ready to begin.

NCH Safe and Healthy Children Coalition - Drowning Prevention by Patty Huff

Presentations were received from the NCH Safe and Healthy Children Coalition asking for the annual proclamation of Drowning Prevention Month and the results of the Collier County Community Assessment were presented by the Richard M. Schulze Foundation and Eileen Connolly Keesler of the Community Foundation.

Several First readings of proposed Ordinances were heard including amending the mowing Ordinance and Milestone Inspections of tall residential buildings

Public comment included discussion of mowing liens on Block 15 Lot 11 which was referred to City Attorney Lombardo for negotiation. Patty Huff then requested authority to add banners of 2024 Everglades City School graduates to the poles containing Centennial Banners. Captain Mike Merritt alerted the Council to the recent meeting held by the guides with representatives from Senator Rubio and Senator Scott’s offices. They also met with State Representative Lauren Melo regarding the National Park Service’s intention to add a 3% charter fee over and above the Concession Fees (CUA) they currently pay. Collier County Commissioner Bill McDaniel requested Capt. Merritt contact him to enlist the support of the County Commission to support their opposition.

Trolley & Depot Copyright by Denise Wauters PXL_20240310_195743749

During City Reports Councilman McComas inquired about the existence of a business license for the Premier Trolley Services which has advertising signage on at least one of the trolleys parked at the Everglades Adventure Center (formerly the Seafood Depot). He then inquired whether there had been a zoning change as the lot currently contains at least 5 trolleys several with expired registrations and followed up by asking if the site was a 501(c)(3) fundraising vehicle. Failing to receive any positive responses Councilman McComas filed a formal Code Enforcement complaint.

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