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Update from Everglades City Hall

Everglades City

by Michael McComas, Everglades City Council

Mayor Grimm nominated and the City Council confirmed the appointment of Diana Potter Valdes to fill the unexpired term of Josh Minton. Ms. Valdes, a lifetime resident of Everglades City, will serve until the next election in 2025. Council approved a resolution amending our Grant Policies and Procedures. We also, hopefully for the last time, extended Ordinance 2023-20 Temporary Moratorium on Additional Wastewater Treatment Plant Connections. By a 4-1 vote council approved Ordinance 2024-2 amending Ordinance 2022-04 Golf Carts, to comply with State and County regulations.

Michael McComas Everglades City Council

An agreement for Professional Engineering Survey Services with Agnoli Barber & Brundage was approved. This is the first selection from the 4 Engineering firms approved by City Council. Two replats were unanimously approved by Council after review by Planning and Zoning.

City Attorney Zach Lombardo explained the need for us to pursue legal action against Verizon in small claims court for an ever growing bill for services we are not receiving and after repeated efforts we are incapable of terminating.

City reports: Councilman Tony Pernas explained the outcome of the February 1st meeting with the Corps of Engineers re maintenance dredging of the Barron River and disposition options for the spoil . Councilwoman Wells discussed the possible retention of a permitting firm and it was agreed to invite the firm, Safe Built, to the March Council meeting so that all members can ask questions. Councilman McComas discussed the effect that Mangrove intrusion into populated areas of the city was creating including increased mosquito infestation.

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