Visit Everglades City and the Ten Thousand Islands of Southwest Florida, the Everglades

Red-Shouldered Hawks Return

Everglades City

Around Everglades City, Chokoloskee, and the Ten Thousand Islands, you can spot these red-shouldered hawks, especially during spring and summer. Other birds like mockingbirds, cardinals, and starlings will make a fuss when they’re nearby, giving everyone a heads-up.

These hawks have unique markings, with peachy bellies and striped tails, making them stand out when they fly. They hunt for food like mice and snakes in the forests and wetlands around these areas. If you’re lucky, you might hear their whistling calls while they’re out hunting in the marshes.

Keep an eye out for our local red-shouldered hawks soaring high above their nesting spots or listen for their distinct sounds when exploring the wet forests in this region. Watching out for these hawks can add a unique touch to your adventures!

Red Shouldered Hawk Everglades City
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