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Chokoloskee Post Office Closing?


On Wednesday, May 8, a meeting was held at the Chokoloskee Family Church of God where the U.S. Postal Service heard our thoughts on the fate of the Chokoloskee Post Office. Some residents had received a letter from the USPS, explaining the background that brought this meeting to our small town. According to the letter:

“Chokoloskee Post Office was placed under emergency suspension on 02/13/2021 due to the loss of the lease and moved into the alternate quarters. Since the suspension, alternate delivery service has been provided via PO Box service at the Everglades City Post Office. Retail services have been provided by Marco Island Post Office and Everglades City Post Office.”

Chokoloskee Post Office Closing?

Due to the Emergency Suspension the office is being studied to evaluate the facility operations in an effort to meet customer retail needs, increase efficiency, cut costs and improve productivity. Over time customer needs change, with many customers now receiving and paying bills online as well as communicating via email or text. The letter also says that:

“If a decision is ultimately made to discontinue the Chokoloskee Post Office and you are a Post Office Box customer, you will have the option of Post Office Box delivery at the Everglades City Post Office. The Everglades City Post Office is 4.0 miles from the Chokoloskee Post Office… Retail services would continue to be available through a variety of channels beyond traditional brick-and-mortar facilities, such as the website, stamp consignment locations, and Stamps by Mail, Fax, and Phone.”

Letter From Residents

Steven and Kate Riley, residents of Chokoloskee have this to say in a letter they provided to us.

“The history of postal service on Chokoloskee Is. is historic as you must know. Smallwood’s Store and Museum represent all of that past. People come from all over the World to this small “neck of the woods” rich in American history including the United States Post Office! You have a replica of our Post Office in the Museum. Now we must tell visitors they cannot mail anything from “Chokoloskee, FL 34138”.

We personally beg you to rethink what you are proposing and reach out and TRY to find a way to keep small town’s small with local postal service!”

(Read the full letter here)

Steven and Kate Riley also provided some ideas for us to consider in their letter:

  1. Small and more efficient Post Office that is mobile in case of hurricanes. Driven to high ground when needed.
  2. Less hours of operation. A small community can deal with that.
  3. Increase PO Box rates vs. gas by driving to Everglades City.
  4. Reach out to see if a location can be donated for operations. We personally would work very hard to hopefully make that happen.

Whether you’re for or against moving the Chokoloskee Post Office, we all need to come together and voice what we believe is best for our community.

Thank you to Steven and Kate Riley for their lovely letter and we encourage you to read the full letter here.

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