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Mullet Rapper on History Channel

Everglades City

by Denise Wauters

They say we all get 15 minutes of fame, but I never dreamed the Mullet Rapper would. When the History Channel called me in May of last year and asked if they could use the Mullet Rapper as a prop in the Swamp People: Serpent Invasion show I about fell out of my chair. How did they know about our little paper? How exciting!

It took me a minute to figure it out but eventually I discovered that Dusty Crum was the instigator.

Mullet Rapper on History Channel Swamp People: Serpent Invasion by Denise Wauters

If you are not aware, Dusty is a resident of our community and owner of Wildman’s Pizza, Pasta and Pythons located in the building with Right Choice Supermarket. Dusty is a star on the History Channel’s Swamp Peoples: Serpent Invasion show. Quoting the History Channel “It is no secret that Dusty Crum is one of the strongest and most proficient snake hunters around. Nicknamed ‘The Wildman’, Dusty has a knack for taking on the giant constrictors known as Burmese pythons.”

When I met him, Dusty told me he suggested the idea of using the paper in the show. “When I need to know what’s going on in and around town I check out the Mullet Rapper first!” he said. It was a perfect fit for the show.

We were all poised around the TV the night it aired. Moms were called. Family & friends notified. Everyone was ready. When Dusty walked on screen with the Mullet Rapper in hand the roars went up. What a great experience. Thank you so much Dusty and History Channel. Now we can describe the Mullet Rapper “as seen on TV!”

Mullet Rapper on History Channel Swamp People: Serpent Invasion by Denise Wauters
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