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The First Annual Everglades Seafood Festival Program

Everglades City

Take a stroll down Everglades City’s memory lane with a cool find from one of our subscribers.

Meet the Turners – George and Billie, long-time residents of Everglades City, and discover their hidden gem: the 1975 Seafood Festival program.

Pam, who stumbled upon it while digging through her folks’ stuff, says, “I found this program for the first Seafood Festival in 1975 and I thought maybe some of our local subscribers would find it interesting.”

So, as we dive into this piece of local history, thanks a bunch to Pam for sharing her folks’ time capsule. It adds a personal vibe to our Everglades City story, and we’re stoked to reminisce together!

Click the image to see the complete book. The last 2 pages not represented here were “The last 2 pages were just words to songs for a sing-along.”

Click to See the First Annual Everglades Fishermen Festival Program
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